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Website Advertising

For now, the PWA website has three (3) designated spots for advertising. These can be increased by the Executive at their discretion and without notice.

PWA Executive will NOT be bound in any way with exclusivity of advertising, etc. Ads will be chosen at the discretion of the Executive and no reason will be provided and should be expected for refusal to host an advertisement on the PWA website.

PWA encourages and supports local businesses and its advertising rates reflect this commitment.

Rates are as follows:

a. Local Businesses:  $100 per slot for a six (6) months term.
b. Outside Businesses:  $200 per slot for a six (6) months term.

Above rates are exclusive of any taxes, and must be paid in full in advance of the posting. All rates are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of PWA Executive.

Contact our Website Committee director for more information.