Photo: Cowboy Wildlife Photography

PWA fisheries Committee

The PWA fisheries committee is involved in both fresh water fish such as trout and char and anadromous species such as salmon. We are involved in habitat protection, restoration, community education, and stock assessment. We work with lake, stream and wetland habitat. Some of our partners include provincial and federal experts, First Nation and local governments and other NGO's.

Pemberton valley is rich in aquatic life. The Birkenhead River supports an amazing, genetically unique chinook salmon. The coho travel far into every corner of the watershed and the sockeye can turn our rivers red. Our rivers support steelhead and bull trout populations and the cutthroat are found in incredible places.

Great fisheries projects the PWA has been a part of include Fee Creek habitat restoration, One Mile Lake Nature Centre and salmon habitat restoration, RoHB Creek habitat restoration and the aquisition of essential valley bottom wetland.

Committee Contact: Veronica Woodruff