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PWA trap Committee

The Trap Committee oversees the operation of the Trap Range at the PWA firearms range. The committee. arranges and hosts periodic target shooting events throughout the year. During the Spring there is a 'Trap Team' shooting event that runs for 5 weeks, usually beginning in the first week of May and is held Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30 PM for eight weeks. Cost is minimal and all skill levels are invited. Teams are averaged in skill so every team has an equal chance at the start. During the Summer months from June to early September,  'Fun and Beginner ' shooting nights are held each Wednesday starting at 5:30 PM. These nights are open to both PWA members as well as people who are interested in trying out the sport whether they are members or non PWA members and who may never have shot a firearm before. For those people firearms safety and operation training is provided. The shooting and instruction go on until dusk. For beginners, instruction and use of shotguns is provided using 'PWA Club' shotguns.

Participants who are not club members must sign a liability waiver and pay an insurance fee. There is a fee for the use of ammunition and targets. For 2010, the total cost per night for instruction, targets, ammunition and insurance for non members was $25 for one session of 25 targets shot. A  'Fun' shoot is traditionally held on December 26, Boxing Day, starting at 11:00 and carrying on until all prizes have been awarded. There is a fee for participation. There are a number of other Memorial Shoots throughout the year during Spring, Summer and Fall, where prizes are awarded and a number of different target presentations are shot.

Committee Contact: Gord Menzel

August 2013 Trap Shoot Results

trap shot 2

Trap shot