Photo: Cowboy Wildlife Photography


1. The name of the Society is Pemberton Wildlife Association

2. The purposes of the Society are:

(a) To promote conservation, preservation and enhancement of the Pemberton area fish, wildlife, park and outdoor recreational resources and to coordinate voluntary agencies, societies, clubs, governmental agencies and individuals interested in that objective.

(b) To support educational opportunities that promote the value of our fish, wildlife, park and outdoor recreational resources, and to foster a recognition of, and a respect for, the place of fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation in the wise use of natural resources.

(c) To submit views and recommendations to governmental and private agencies as the Association may deem necessary to safeguard the interests of fish, wildlife, park and outdoor recreational resource values in all natural resource developments or other developments in the Pemberton area.

(d) To obtain and maintain reasonable public access to all forest and other recreational areas of the Pemberton area.

(e) To make Pemberton and area residents aware of the dangers of land, water and air pollution; to act wherever possible to prevent pollution; and to cooperate with all groups with similar objectives.

(f) To promote a true appreciation of sportsmanship, sports safety, and all the fair and accepted rules of hunting and fishing, and to foster cooperation and goodwill among sportsmen and outdoor recreationists in the Pemberton area.

(g) To provide facilities for shooting and other activities.

(h) To provide and support recreational opportunities for the Association's members.

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