Photo: Cowboy Wildlife Photography

Tenquille Lake Cabin Rules

New Tenquille Lake Cabin

** The Tenquille Cabin is closed indefinitely due to Covid-19.**

Welcome!  Please take a moment to read this notice.

The Provincial permit to build this cabin stipulates the following "rights of use and occupation":

  • The cabin is provided as a public service for the benefit of all back country mountaineers and the general public.
  • The cabin shall strictly be used for NON-COMMERCIAL recreational use.
  • The cabin belongs to the Provincial government, but is maintained and managed by volunteers from the Pemberton Wildlife Association (PWA).  For more information - or to pass along a comment - please go to the Trails page.


  • Please keep the cabin clean and tidy.
  • Leave your muddy boots and dog outside.
  • Please sign the journal - but do not deface the cabin by writing or carving on the walls, tables, etc.
  • Welcome and make room for everyone who visits the cabin. Work together to have an enjoyable stay.  At night, respect others who wish to sleep!
  • Please do not chop or cut wood in the cabin or on the front porch. Bring your own axe or small swede saw and use only on the ground level outside.
  • Use the LED lighting system sparingly, unless YOU brought lots of batteries. Best used for getting organized then switch to your propane lantern.  Additional run time can be gained by bringing either 10 - AA or 10 - D size batteries. Be sure to turn off main floor and loft switches (or remove one battery) when finally leaving the cabin.
  • Close all windows and door, when finally leaving cabin.

Kitchen Rules:

  • Propane stoves are provided for cooking. Bring 1lb. 'green' tank.
  • Do not place stoves on birch counter top - use them on the tables.
  • Do not take any dishes, pots, cutlery outside. The kitchen supplies belong in the cabin and are to stay inside.
  • If you prefer to cook outside over an open fire you must provide your own cookware.
  • Clean up before you leave.  Pack out all of your garbage and empty propane tanks.
  • The sink drains into a bucket outside (during summer use). Winter users will have to put the bucket under the sink. Please do not let the bucket overflow. Dump it well away from the creek.
  • Do not leave food in the cabin.  It will only attract rodents - if you packed it in you can pack it out!

Woodstove Rules:

  • The wood stove is not intended for cooking
  • Please minimize use of the stove to save firewood. Use only when necessary - (wet or cold conditions).  A small, short fire will keep cabin warm for a long time.  Too much fire will make the loft too hot to sleep.
  • Firewood is not provided. It is recommended you bring your own axe or swede saw.  To ensure the stove performs well, please burn only clean, dry wood. Do not burn building materials which are stacked near/under cabin.
  • Do not cut standing trees. Some trees around the cabin have been damaged by indiscriminate use of axes & saws. There is plenty of deadfall near the cabin or in nearby passes.
  • A fire extinguisher has been provided for emergencies. Be sure the fire has burned out before leaving the cabin (do not use water to put the fire out).
  • Be sure that the firewood is cut to short length, so that the glass on the stove door doesn't break when you close it (carefully)!


  • No boots upstairs!
  • Help us preserve the ladder and keep the sleeping area clean.

Contact the PWA: Any suggestions, comments or reports on the condition of the cabin, trails or roads are welcome!