Photo: Cowboy Wildlife Photography

Deer Tagging & Tracking in Pemberton

DeerNotice to all MU 2-11 Deer Hunters:

During the past three winters, PWA members (under the supervision of Provincial Wildlife Biologist Darryl Reynolds) have live trapped, ear tagged and radio collared numerous deer in the Pemberton/Whistler area.  The data collected from these collars will be included in an ongoing and important study of the local deer population. This project is being done to enhance our hunting opportunities - we need the cooperation of all hunters.

We expect that some of the deer which are currently collared and ear tagged will be harvested by hunters during the 2012 fall hunt.

If you (or anyone you know) harvest a deer with a collar or an ear tag in the Pemberton/Whistler area this fall, please contact a PWA Wildlife Committee member or Mr. Reynolds himself (604 885 7419).  It is very important that both the collars and the ear tags be turned in to our Biologist.  There will not be any penalty to the hunter involved!  All we need is the collar, the ear tags, the date and a brief description of where the animal was harvested.

We worked hard to collect this data - please don't let all that effort go to waste.

Allen McEwan - Secretary
Pemberton Wildlife Association