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Stop Salmon Farming Petition

SalmonRecently, the powerful Cohen Commission Report detailing the risks of the salmon farming industry was released, and yet this very minute the government of British Columbia is considering the renewal of salmon farm leases. We now have a huge opportunity. This is why concerned proponents have started a new petition to stop the province from renewing these leases.

The Cohen Commission recommended salmon farms be prohibited if research finds more than minimal impact. We already have the science saying wild salmon decline everywhere there are salmon farms -- this is a lot more than just minimal impact.During the press conference Judge Cohen himself concluded "that the potential harm posed to Fraser River sockeye salmon from salmon farms is serious or irreversible."

Potentially irreversible! We cannot let these salmon farm leases be renewed. The government is already concerned about the Spring election and has not done nearly enough to protect our wild salmon, something British Columbian's hold near and dear.

Stopping the leases would be a major step towards protecting our wild salmon that are at great risk.

We hope you will support the cause by signing Alexandra's petition here and share it far and wide.

Thanks for all your support of Fraser River sockeye salmon!