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Provincial Government Renewal Agreement

PWA Mountain Goat

The Pemberton Wildlife Association is pleased to announce the renewal of an agreement with the Provincial Government which will see the PWA continue their volunteer "management and maintenance" duties within the Tenquille - Owl Lakes Recreation area. Responsibilities include officially recognized trails, wilderness camps and Tenquille Lake Cabin. This agreement was signed recently for a ten year period.  Our club has worked closely with Provincial officials for the past ten years under a similar agreement and for many years prior to that as the stewards of the area.

The PWA is proud to provide this service to the outdoor community and welcomes all non-motorized wanderings from spring through early winter.

Recreation Sites and Trails BC has begun writing a draft management plan for the area, which lays out guiding principles to be followed by user groups. These principles include:

  • promoting a 3 season non-motorized wilderness experience for all users
  • coordinating maintenance of access roads to trailheads, as resources become available
  • to protect fragile alpine areas, ensuring that mountain bikes utilize the extensive, existing trail system only
  • directing and managing unregulated "heli-biking"
  • creating designated flight paths and landing zones for helicopters
  • compatibility of any pending commercial tenures
  • promoting compliance of commercial use

We look forward to the full implementation of this plan in the near future and will be seeking the cooperation of all user groups for the remainder of this summer.