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Wildlife Allocation Policy letter

January 7, 2015
Jordan Sturdy, MLA
Original to be mailed.
Dear Mr. Sturdy;
Re: Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy
On behalf of the Pemberton Wildlife Association (PWA), I would like to thank you for taking time to meet with representatives of our club on December 14, 2014. Our discussion focused on the PWA's concerns regarding the new Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy, announced by Minister Thomson on Dec. 10, 2014.
Since our meeting, we have taken the time to carefully consider all the information available on the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy. We have come to the following conclusions, which we wish to share with you.
The PWA is strongly opposed to the recently announced policy which allows increased allocation of the wildlife harvest to the Guide-Outfitters of the province. This allocation decision supports more trophy hunting by non-residents of the province, at the expense of resident sustenance hunters. Our members do not accept this policy!
The PWA supports the position which the BC Wildlife Federation put forward in the lengthy negotiations regarding the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy. We respectfully request that the provincial government repeal the changes to the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy announced on December 10, 2014 by the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and limit non-resident hunters and the Guide Outfitters Association of BC to the Wildlife Harvest Allocation specified in the 2007 Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy. The link provided takes one directly to the BCWF statement on the matter.
As our MLA, we request that you take our position to the Minister in the most vigorous manner possible. We also request that you vote against the current policy if and when it comes before the Provincial Legislature. We would appreciate a commitment from you to represent your constituents on this matter, as requested above.
Allen McEwan - President
Cc's - Hon. S. Thomson, Minister of FLNRO, Hon. C. Clarke, Premier.