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Heli-biking Tenure Application in Pemberton Area

Please click on the links below to review the information regarding the recent Blackcomb Helicopter heli-bike tenure application in the Pemberton area.  This tenure application proposes new heli-bike trails in the Tenquille - Owl Lakes Recreation Area (TOLRA), as well as other local wilderness areas - details are included on the map link below.

The debate about heli-biking in the TOLRA has been going on for over ten years.   The PWA has consistently objected to the activity due to environmental impacts and the loss of wilderness values in the area.   The application now going through the referral process provides an opportunity to let the government know how you feel about this type of recreation.  Please keep in mind that Blackcomb Helicopters is a reputable local company whom we have a good working relationship with.  This is not "us" against "them".

The Provincial Government has neglected to develop legislation to govern heli-biking.   The responsibility for this new tourism industry lies squarely in their court.  Let them know - in no uncertain terms - that we expect a much more stringent system to be put in place prior to any heli-biking tenures being approved. Furthermore, unregulated public heli-biking must also be brought under control in order to protect the sensitive alpine habitats and wildlife in our mountains.

We believe that heli-biking - both tenured and non-tenured - should be put on hold until the Province develops legislation to deal with the activity.

Please submit your comments to the officials listed in the documents provided prior to July 19th.

TOLRA Heli-Bike Map
Heli-Bike Notice to Members